This Is Known As Surgical Debridement.

If you have been experiencing severe heel pain or any of the aforementioned symptoms, consult a doctor immediately. This is known as surgical debridement. A black toenail results from the collection of blood and fluids under the nail plate. Lateral Cuneiform: This bone is located in the front row of the tarsal bones. recovery time depends upon the severity with which the ligament has got elongated or broken, and the degree of tear it has sustained. As with any kind of bone bruise or contusion, a bruised heel results in extreme pain. The spasms last for a brief period, but can be severe and very painful. Injury: Any injury caused to the foot or the toenail because of an accident or by accidentally dropping something on the foot or by banging the foot on a hard surface, can cause a bruised toenail. Sometimes, an infection of the tissues that surround the bones can eventually spread to the bones. In addition, they give a protective effect to the fatty pads too.

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